If I was as charming in person as I am over text, only a fraction, I just might not be so single that I’m two engagements and a wedding away from becoming a lesbian.


Her: “our son!”
Him: “the Birkin!!”

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"Just another day." (Taken with Instagram)

“The ‘must be masc’ guys make me chuckle. This is my attempt at satire.”

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"Making them up as I go along."

"True story."

Things that make you go “hmmmm..”

So the mirror picture got reblogged by grindrtagassholes, and he added “I think it’s stupid to use a gay sex app if you don’t want to have sex.”

Now, I’m not fazed by this, and I don’t mean that in a defensive “he’s just an asshole blah blah blah” kind of way. It’s his opinion and I can respect that. I would even go as far as to concur with him on that some people are just jerks for the sake of being jerks while thinking they’re funny. What bothers me, is that he’s ultimately… right, to some extent anyway (that and I got categorized as an asshole.. rude.) I wasn’t born yesterday, I know what primary purpose has been given to grindr by its users - even though the guidelines and terms of use would suggest otherwise - but what a lot of guys seem reluctant to admit is that like it or not it is also - and for many gay men in fact - one of very few ways to try and connect with other guys. The crowds one finds at the club is not the kind of people you end up in relationships with, and if you do it’s often (like with everything there are exceptions) one of those that last a few months and then call it quits, no thank you. Life is also not a romantic comedy where you walk into a coffee shop and you stumble upon a Hugh Grant-like character with whom you fall madly in love. Depending on your job, work is also not the place to meet someone particularly if people are trying to keep their personal lives private. If you trust your friends enough, setups are a way - however awkward - of meeting someone. And I know there are those of you out there who would say “Try an actual dating site! Blah blah blah!” Well I have! Ha! And guess what? It’s the exact same people you find everywhere else, all it does is give people the option to scrutinize you even further.

I’m not complaining, or bitching, or even venting. Heck I fully support anyone’s choice to sleep around as much as they want with whoever they want as long as they do it safely. All I’m saying is that its use for hooking up, however prevalent, is not the only use or purpose of the app. So suck it up buttercup, and learn to share.

On a side note: Expressing my lack of desire to hook up on my “about me” section has proven to be most effective. I haven’t been sent any “gross” messages in quite a while and have instead been messaged by some genuinely nice guys, even several with looks to match woot woot! Now if only this one boy in particular lived in the same city as me instead of two hours away, I’d totes ask him out!

"Strike three.."